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Wisdom teeth can frequently lead to serious dental issues and pain. Our skilled dental staff is available to remove your wisdom teeth in a way that is speedy, pleasant, and safe for you.

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    Wisdom tooth extractions are expertly performed by our team of experienced dental surgeons and dental experts at Preston Dental Centre. To achieve the most accurate and effective wisdom tooth removal, we use cutting-edge technology and procedures. 

    Our skilled dental surgeons remove wisdom teeth in a secure setting under close supervision. Your comfort is our top priority, and we use sedation or local anesthetic to make the process comfortable. To ensure a quick recovery, our experts will give thorough post-operative advice.

    Following the removal of your wisdom teeth, we will help you through the healing process by giving you specific instructions and any medications required to treat discomfort or swelling. We also set up follow-up visits to check on your recovery and handle any issues that might come up.



    Consultation and Examination

    Our skilled wisdom teeth removal experts will thoroughly inspect your mouth during your initial appointment and take dental X-rays to determine the location, size, and condition of your wisdom teeth.

    Treatment Plan Discussion

    Once we have all the relevant data, we will go over your treatment choices with you, including the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy, and respond to any questions you may have.

    Getting Ready for the Procedure

    We will provide you with detailed pre-operative instructions to follow before the removal day. These can include planning for transportation after the treatment and fasting for a specific amount of time before the surgery.

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    Wisdom Teeth Removal In Ottawa

    Our Ottawa dental surgeons will provide a local anesthetic to numb the extraction location on the day of your treatment. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, our accomplished dental surgeons will carefully remove your wisdom teeth, using speed and accuracy to reduce the amount of time required.

    Post-Operative Care & Follow-Up Appointments

    Following the extraction, we will set up follow-up visits for you and provide you with comprehensive post-operative care recommendations. This enables us to speed up the healing process, evaluate your recovery, take out any sutures as necessary, and deal with any issues or difficulties that could develop.

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    Alleviation of Pain and Discomfort

    Wisdom teeth that are partly or severely impacted can be quite painful. The ongoing or recurring discomfort brought on by wisdom tooth pains might be relieved by having these troublesome teeth removed.

    Prevention of Dental Problems

    Wisdom teeth that do not fully erupt or erupt at the wrong angle can cause a number of dental issues. By getting rid of these wisdom teeth, we can stop these problems in their tracks. If your wisdom teeth are hurting, or you have wisdom tooth pains, consider booking an appointment asap.

    Reduction of Risk for Infections and Gum Disease

    Wisdom teeth that are impacted leave behind spaces that are challenging to keep clean, which raises the danger of gum disease, infections, and inflammation. You can reduce your risk of acquiring these oral health issues by having the impacted wisdom teeth removed.

    Prevention of Cysts and Tumours

    Around impacted wisdom teeth, cysts and tumours can develop, causing harm to the surrounding bone, teeth, and nerves. In order to safeguard your dental health, we can drastically lower the chance of cysts and tumours by proactively removing impacted wisdom teeth.


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    Wisdom Teeth Removal FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How soon should wisdom teeth be extracted?

    Each person has a different time frame for getting their wisdom teeth removed. It is often advised to have wisdom teeth removed before they develop dental issues or other consequences. Based on an analysis of your particular case, our dental specialists can decide the best timing.

    Does getting rid of wisdom teeth hurt?

    No, removing wisdom teeth is often not unpleasant. By delivering local anesthetic or providing sedative alternatives, our dental staff assures your comfort during the treatment. Following the extraction, you may suffer some little discomfort or swelling, but these side effects are manageable with painkillers and appropriate post-operative care.

    How long does it take to recuperate after having your wisdom teeth removed?

    The length of your recovery will depend on how difficult the extraction was and how quickly your body heals. The average time to recuperate fully is one week. You could have mild swelling, some bleeding, and momentary difficulties opening your mouth during this period. For a quick recovery, our staff will provide you with thorough post-operative advice.

    Are there any dangers or challenges with getting your wisdom teeth out?

    The removal of wisdom teeth is not without possible dangers and problems, much like any surgery. These include nerve injury, infection, hemorrhage, dry sockets, and damage to nearby teeth. However, to reduce these dangers and guarantee a safe process, our skilled dental experts take all required safety measures.

    Will I need a companion to go to the appointment with me?

    It is advised that you bring a responsible adult with you to the appointment and have them pick you up after the treatment if you want to receive sedation. Your coordination and reflexes may be momentarily impaired by sedation, making it dangerous to drive or operate machinery just after the surgery.

    Will wisdom teeth removal be covered by my insurance?

    Depending on your particular insurance plan, your dental insurance may or may not cover the removal of your wisdom teeth. You can get help from our team regarding coverage information of your insurance, but typically getting information directly from your insurance provider is the best option. In order to make the treatment more accessible for you, we also provide various payment choices and financing alternatives.