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If you need a comfortable sports mouth guard for hockey, football or any other sport of your choice, or desperately need emergency corrective work done after an injury, Preston Dental Centre has the team and equipment necessary. Contact us today for all your sports related dental needs.


Whether you are a recreational hockey player or your child is involved in youth soccer, a professionally fitted and comfortable mouth guard makes it easier to breathe and can help reduce the risk of injury to your teeth and possible concussions. Contact us at Preston Dental Centre for a great fitting mouth guard.

If you or a family member has experienced a sports related injury to your jaw or mouth, Preston Dental Centre has the staff to help treat any issues that may arise. Whether it’s a chipped tooth or a more severe injury, seeing a dental professional can help speed your recovery to get you back in the game.

Closeup of a sports mouth guard in a patient's mouth.
two boys playing hockey wearing sports mouth guards


Why is a sports mouth guard important? During sports (both contact and non-contact), there are many risks involved, putting your smile (or your child’s smile) in jeopardy.

A significant number of athletic injuries are dental-related. If you fall, your teeth can potentially chip, crack, split or knock together. A sports mouth guard can help protect your teeth and absorb shock from impact. These also prevent teeth grinding and clenching, both of which are known to cause irreversible damage to your teeth.

The best way to ensure that your teeth stay intact is by using a customized sports mouth guard. Talk to PDC to find out more about the benefits of a sports mouth guard and how we can get you on the field, rink or court in no time.


A high-quality custom made sports mouth guard will:

  • Reduce the likelihood of concussions
  • Protect your teeth from damage and fractures
  • Provide superior comfort compared to stock mouth guards
  • Reduce & cushion impact

Whether you play professionally or recreationally, a contact or non-contact sport, a custom sports mouthguard is a good investment for all levels of athletes. Protect your jaw, your teeth, and your head from injuries related to physical contact. Contact us today to get your custom made sports mouth guard!

Custom Made Sports Mouth Guard

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Frequently Asked Questions

I chipped my tooth playing sports, what should I do?

if you have chipped your tooth playing sports your dentist may be able to use either a filling or bonding process to match your teeth. Fillings are generally used to fix teeth that have small chips in them. Bonding the tooth with resin is usually used for larger chips or chips in the front teeth.

Is it OK if I grind or clench my teeth when playing sports?

Teeth grinding and clenching can wear down the enamel on your teeth over time, cause cracks and even tooth loss. Teeth grinding and clenching can also cause headaches, facial pain and earaches. Wearing a mouth guard while playing sports can prevent teeth grinding and clenching and keep your teeth safe and healthy.

What preventative measures can I take to protect my teeth when I am playing sports?

There are several precautions you can take to protect your teeth when you are playing sports:

  • Mouth guards: wearing is an inexpensive way to prevent tooth injuries especially when playing person-to-person contact.
  • Helmets: wearing a helmet not only protects your head when playing sports but also can protect your jaw and teeth from heavy contact sports.

Why do I need a mouth guard playing sports?

A mouth guard is a protective device that helps to prevent dental and oral injuries when participating in sports. Mouth guards are recommended for both contact and non-contact sports, as they can absorb the impact of blows to the face and prevent damage to the teeth, gums, lips, and tongue. Without a mouth guard, a hard hit to the face can cause teeth to break or chip, cut the tongue, and even knock out a tooth.

Where can I get a mouth guard to protect my teeth?

Stock or pre-made mouth guards are available at many sports stores. These mouth guards do protect your teeth during sports but are usually less comfortable than custom mouth guards and provide limited protection.

Custom-made mouthguards can be designed with an impression of your mouth taken by your dentist. These mouthguards are custom designed to match your teeth and are more comfortable to wear, more durable and provide a higher level of protection for your teeth.

To get a customer made mouth guard from Preston Dental Centre contact us today!

Can I use a regular mouth guard for sports or do I need a custom-fitted one?

While a regular mouth guard can offer some protection, a custom-fitted mouth guard is recommended for optimal protection and comfort. A custom-fitted mouth guard is made specifically for your teeth and mouth, ensuring a secure fit that provides better protection against dental injuries. A regular mouth guard may be uncomfortable or may not fit properly, which can reduce its effectiveness.

Can I wear my braces with a mouth guard during sports?

Yes, you can wear your braces with a mouth guard during sports. However, it is recommended to use a custom-fitted mouth guard that is designed to fit over your braces. This can provide better protection and ensure a comfortable fit.

How often should I replace my mouth guard?

It is recommended to replace your mouth guard every season or at least once a year. Over time, mouth guards can become worn or damaged, which can reduce their effectiveness in protecting your teeth and mouth. Regular replacement can help to ensure that your mouth guard is providing optimal protection.

Can a mouth guard prevent concussion during sports?

While a mouth guard is not specifically designed to prevent concussion, it can help to reduce the severity of a concussion by absorbing the impact of a blow to the head. Mouth guards can also help to prevent dental injuries that can occur during a concussion.