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Periodontics is the care of the supporting tissue in your mouth such as the gums, cheek tissue and tongue. Having healthy teeth is only one part of equation when it comes to oral hygiene, maintaining the soft tissues can be equally, or even more important.


We are very happy to offer periodontics at Preston Dental Centre. Dr Charles Alleyn graduated from dental school in 1983 and has been working as a specialist in periodontics since 1990.

Periodontics is the diagnosis and treatment of the pathologies of the tissues around your teeth. Dr. Alleyn and his team will work to remove the plaque and calculus under the gum line in an effort to restore good periodontal health. If necessary, Dr. Alleyn will perform surgery to prevent any further bone loss. Dr. Alleyn also works in conjunction with the family dentists at Preston Dental Centre to offer dental implants.

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Beyond dental implants, PDC covers a full range of services for periodontics. We bring years of education and experience to give patients a comfortable, experience.

Maintaining the soft tissue in your mouth is important. While we treat conditions already existing, our biggest goal with patients is to set forth a proactive plan to ensure your ongoing oral health. That’s why our periodontics specialists work with the rest of the Preston Dental team, bringing a holistic approach to patient care.

PDC’s modern, state-of-the-art facility was designed with your comfort in mind. Our experienced staff focuses on patient need and education. Speak with one of our associates today about how PDC can serve your periodontic needs.

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