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In the hustle of daily life, dental emergencies can catch you off guard, demanding immediate attention. At Preston Dental Center, we understand the urgency and discomfort that come with such situations. Our dedicated team is prepared to offer swift, compassionate care to address your dental emergencies, ensuring your teeth receive the attention they need when they need it the most. Situated in the heart of Little Italy, we provide a safe, welcoming environment where your dental health is our top priority. Trust us to be your reliable partner in maintaining not just your smile, but also your overall oral health.


Looking for an emergency dentist in Ottawa? At Preston Dental Centre, we understand that dental emergencies can happen at any moment and often require immediate attention. That’s why we specialize in Emergency Dentistry, ensuring you get the prompt care you need when unexpected dental issues arise. Whether it’s a sudden toothache, a knocked-out tooth, a broken crown, or a painful abscess, we’re here to provide swift, effective treatment.

The importance of quick response in dental emergencies cannot be overstated. Fast action can often save a tooth, prevent infection, and reduce the need for extensive treatment. Our team is trained to handle a variety of dental emergencies with the urgency and care they require.

We recognize that emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours, which is why we offer emergency appointments on Saturdays. So, if you find yourself in a dental crisis over the weekend, don’t wait – Preston Dental Centre is ready to assist you. Contact us for immediate attention and let us take care of your urgent dental needs.

patient at a dentist holding her jaw in pain with a severe toothache.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Not sure what a dental emergency is? It can be anything from a severe toothache to a knocked-out tooth. Knowing when to seek immediate dental care is crucial, here are some common dental emergencies.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Knocked-out teeth refer to teeth that have been entirely removed from their socket, typically as a result of an injury. This situation is considered one of the most pressing dental emergencies. Prompt action is crucial in such cases; the quicker a dentist can reinsert a knocked-out tooth, the higher the likelihood of successfully preserving it.

Dental Abscesses

These infections that occur at the root of a tooth or in the area between the gum and a tooth are often marked by intense pain and swelling. Such infections are critical dental emergencies because of the danger of the infection spreading. If not treated quickly, an abscess can escalate into more severe, potentially life-threatening conditions.

Swollen Jaw or Mouth

Swelling in the jaw or mouth area can indicate an infection or other dental problems. This symptom should be taken seriously as it may signal a severe infection. Immediate attention is necessary, similar to abscesses, because untreated infections can spread and result in more serious health complications.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Teeth that are fractured or broken, often due to an accident or biting down on something hard, need prompt attention. Although these injuries are not as immediately urgent as a knocked-out tooth or as life-threatening as an abscess, they can be serious, particularly if there is severe pain or damage to the tooth’s inner layers. Prompt dental care is essential to address these issues.

Lost Fillings or Crowns

When a filling or crown falls out, it leaves the tooth exposed and sensitive. While these incidents are generally less urgent than cases like abscesses or knocked-out teeth, they still require timely attention. A lost filling or crown can expose sensitive areas of the tooth, potentially causing pain and increasing the risk of further damage.


Persistent or severe tooth pain often signals an underlying issue, such as decay or infection. The urgency of addressing this pain depends on its severity and the underlying cause. Severe, continuous toothaches are indicative of serious dental problems and should be treated promptly to prevent further complications.

Need Emergency Dental Care In Ottawa?

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PDC is here for you in dental emergencies, providing prompt and expert care using the latest in dental technology. We understand that dental emergencies can be stressful and often come with anxiety. Our team is dedicated to making your emergency visit as calm and comfortable as possible. We’re here to offer immediate relief and a reassuring environment.

At Preston Dental, we’re not just quick responders; we’re attentive listeners. In emergency situations, we focus on understanding your specific needs and concerns, ensuring your treatment is tailored to your unique situation. Our goal is to alleviate your discomfort swiftly and effectively, ensuring you leave with peace of mind and a plan for optimal dental health

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